Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winning Hearts and Minds Cake

I first read about this cake in Molly Wizenberg's book "A Homemade Life" (highly recommend!!!!) and I knew I had to try it. She baked dozens of this cake in advance, froze it, and served it at her wedding, so I figured there must be something special to this one! I was dying to try it! It looked pretty simple, so I prepared it on a crazy busy day for a friend's housewarming party. (the recipe looked pretty easy) I used Valhrona chocolate and fancy Irish butter, which the recipe called for.

Unfortunately, the cake was a fail. :( I ended up cooking it for longer than the recipe called for, but the cake still seemed too gooey and butter seemed to drip out of it. I ended up asking Tinger for a picture of her cake (same one), and hers looked much more well done. So, I think I just didn't cook it enough, and perhaps something I did increased the required baking time. I guess this chocolate cake warrants another shot.


  1. Sad! Did it firm up at all after cooling?

  2. No, it didn't firm up after cooling. In fact, butter seemed to leak from the cake. Not attractive!